Dangerous Neck Exercise

When it comes to neck training or neck exercises, you need to understand that there is a lot of crap that’s on the internet.  There are a lot of great neck exercises, but there are even more dangerous neck exercises that you have to be aware of.  If you haven’t been looking closely, you may not be aware of how bad the neck training scene actually is. Well, this is an example of a neck exercise you SHOULD DEFINITELY NEVER DO!  Unfortunately, it’s being promoted as a great neck exercise by this guy.

This is a great way to fracture a vertabrae, herniate a disk, get your muscles to spasm or completely mess up your cervical spine and end up in the hospital. Don’t do this dangerous neck exercise….ever.

No matter how strong it gets, the neck is a delicate area that needs to be trained SAFELY. Safety should be your number one priority when strengthening the neck because one poor choice could stay with you for life.  We will bring you safe and effective neck exercises and neck training technique here on necktraining.com, but we can guarantee that this will never be one of them.

I believe the guy in the video is well-intentioned, but completely mis-informed and it’s dangerous for him to be putting this kind of information out on the internet. This is how people get hurt.

If you’ve ever done any manual resistance neck exercises or done any work on a quality machine, you understand how important it is to control the resistance throughout the range of motion.  It is next to impossible to adequately control this movement.

Stick with exercises like flexion, extension, the chin tuck and small ROM lateral flexion, and stay away from any neck exercise that creates discomfort.  Of course, you’re going to feel the muscles working and gradually fatiguing, but this is a very different feeling than the discomfort of an injury.